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Mom Bod Babe

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I feel most beautiful when: I see myself in my daughter. When my husband looks at me like he’s never seen a dang woman before. When girls email me and tell me I inspired them to leave their crappy boyfriends. When women who I respect compliment me. There’s no better way to be lifted up than by a fellow lady friend that knows the struggle. When I accept my body as a vessel for my words and as the machine that built my daughter. I feel beautiful when I wear clothes that don’t hide my body, even if I don’t pull them off by other people’s standards. Because no matter what you can’t please everyone, so if I decided to wait around for approval I’d be waiting around forever. I’m too busy and life is too fleeting. And anyway, anybody who is vocal about being “offended” by a soft belly or thick thighs is saying a lot more about themselves than they are about me. One day I woke up and realized this: I don’t exist for you to look at. It changed me. My body isn’t here for your comfort. My purpose on this earth is not to arouse you. I spent years of my life feeling imprisoned by something that I now celebrate. I’ve tracked my calories so closely that I’d cut a carrot stick in half to stay under. That’s sickness. I feel beautiful when I remember that the circumference of my arms does. not. matter. The most important thing about me has nothing to do with the amount of space I take up in a room. I nominate all of the babes I tagged and whoever else wants to join, because feeling good about yourself is a message I love hearing.

I’ve always tried really hard to pretend I don’t hate my body in front of my daughter because she knows that it’s the machine that built her. It’s the rocket she landed here on earth in. How could I possibly resent the very thing that gave me the human I love the most in the world? And, worse yet, how could I let her know that I do? It’s a slap in the face and I refuse to take it lightly.

Instead, I tell her that the stretch marks are the places where your tiny nails clawed to get out, that she were born curious and eager, demanding. I’m so proud of those qualities in her. How could I ever hate the proof?

My beautiful and brave friend Kristina offered up her postpartum belly for this babe.wear shoot. Breastfeeding in a #mombodbabe shirt? What could be more appropriate?

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