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Brown Babe

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When I reached out to @chongaspice to do a guest post for @babe.wear, she agreed and said she would love a BROWN BABE shirt. I have since gotten more requests. I had conflicting feelings as a white woman making a profit from a shirt that represents cultures that are not my own. I reached out to a lot of women of color who I know and respect in real life about what I should do or if they thought this was ethical. When my older coworker reminded me that it was NOT that long ago when “We don’t serve your kind” was a thing, and asked if I wanted to be that kind of company. She said that denying representation when it’s being requested is far worse than my fear of being the Iggy Azalea of tshirt companies.

However, I still felt conflicted. This is a photo of my niece last month. She’s raising money to attend a STEM conference. She is the only brown girl in her class and she’s KILLING it academically and athletically even after skipping a grade. So as a trade off, yes BROWN BABE will be in the next round, but $10 of every #brownbabe shirt sold will go to my niece’s gofundme so she can get to Boston for her conference.


Here is what my inspiring model, Valeria had to say about this:

"Shoutout to @babe.wear for empowering babes everywhere about things that are seen as faults.

It took me 22 years to learn how to love my brown body. 2 of those years included many therapy sessions ending in tears, because I was learning how to love my brownness.

It's taken me two more years to be proud of this brown body. To unlearn everything that has been told to me all my life about this brown body.

Some cannot handle what comes with this much melanin. But it can be done. It is being done."

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